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October 21, 2012 by angie  
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Are you ready to get serious about using your essential oils?  For those of you that are anxious to get started using your doTERRA essential oils, I highly recommend you look into purchasing these 3 amazing reference guides.  My books and oils go with me everywhere!  Even camping :) .  You just never know when a need will arise for you, your family or friends.  These 3 books will teach you how to use essential oils for physical, mental and emotional concerns.  Click on the images to learn how you can purchase these 3 amazing guides.

Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils

Features of the new edition of this contemporary guide include the following:New products introduced at the 2012 doTERRA convention. Many new photos & illustrations. New page headings and other navigation improvements help you find what you need quickly. An expanded section on Essential Oil constituents. New information on primary uses of single essential oils. Easy-to-understand definitions for each medical condition listed in the “Personal Usage Guide” section. Listings of all of the essential oils and essential oil blends with their chemical constituents, historical uses, application suggestions, safety data, and much more. Essential oil solutions for helping with everything from common disorders such as acne to more serious illnesses such as diabetes. An introduction to the essential oils, including their benefits and historical background. Reflexology charts. Illustrated instructions explaining how to perform the Aroma Touch™ Technique. Fourth Edition, September 2012. 266 pages.

Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing

Essential oils are widely used for their physical health benefits, but few have understood the scope of their healing capabilities. In Emotions & Essential Oils, essential oils are introduced as powerful emotional healers. This groundbreaking book bridges the gap between the physical and emotional aspects of essential oils and creates a user-friendly guide for taking charge of your emotional health. Each oil is written about with profound insight and understanding of its innate properties and gifts, and the result is as poetic as it is practical. This easy to follow reference guide will help you come to know the oils in a new way and more fully appreciate their distinct healing qualities. For long-time oil enthusiasts and beginners alike, Emotions & Essential Oils will inspire you with the genius and beauty of one of Mother Nature’s finest gifts.

Living Healthy & Happily Ever After by Dr. Susan Lawton and Rebecca Linder Hintze

The fairy tale of good health and happy relationships may seem like just that–a fairy tale. But not to Dr. Susan Lawton and Rebecca Linder Hintze! According to these two experts, we all have the opportunity to choose and create happy and healthy lives and relationships. By applying a few basic and timeless emotional, psychological, and spiritual truths, making some adjustments in decisions about our health, and adding CPTG essential oils to our lives, we can access the secrets to leading a full life. In Living Healthy and Happily Ever After, Dr. Susan Lawton and Rebecca Hintze address the psychological and physical remedies necessary to live a truly abundant life! Dr. Lawton, a clinical psychologist and biochemist brings more than 40 years of clinical experience and combines her expertise with the wisdom of Rebecca Hintze, family issues expert and author of the international bestseller, Healing Your Family History. Among many shared talents and interests, these two experts share a love of doTERRA essential oils. They powerfully teach readers how to heal both mind and body and break free of destructive patterns with doTERRA remedies and the power of thought and intention. As you read the pages of this book, you’ll be joining these two energetic and fun ladies in life lessons to remember, and refer to forever!